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193 Branthaven St, Ottawa, ON K4A0H7

Free Chill Out Day Ice (April 18 ONLY)

Get a free shaved ice at Kona Ice. This is available on National Chill Out Day (April 18) ONLY.

National Tax Day can be a stressful day. No one wants to worry about deadlines and payments. So, we at Kona Ice are going to make your day as relaxing as possible—we’re turning Tax Day into Chill Out Day!

Swing by your local Kona Ice truck and receive a FREE Kona Ice! Save your hard-earned money, eat some delicious shaved ice, and take the tropical escape you deserve.

Swing by your local participating Kona Ice truck

How to Claim: Click request sample now, below, and then add it to your calendar, find your nearest Kona Ice Truck and visit on Chill Out Day for your freebie.

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