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Free Hartz Nature’s Shield Flea & Tick Cat Spray

This is cool for cat owners! Get a free Hartz Nature’s Shield Flea & Tick Cat Spray!

Learn more about Hartz Nature’s Shield Flea & Tick Cat Spray below: 

    • 💪 EFFECTIVE WITH NATURAL OILS: Effectively kills fleas, ticks, and flea eggs by contact and also repels mosquitoes

    • 🌱 PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: Maximized botanical flea & tick protection with effective plant-based ingredients – cedarwood & lemongrass – with NO parabens, dyes, or alcohols 

    • 🐈 COAT CARE: Cleans, deodorizes, and nourishes your cat’s skin and coat with Vitamin E and glycerin

    • 🧡 SAFE FOR PEOPLE, KIDS, & PETS: Safe to use around children, pets, and your home when used as directed

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