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How To Score Free Baby Samples (Today)

How to Score Free Baby Samples

We regularly run offers for free baby samples here on the site but we can’t guarantee that an offer for say, free diapers or a free baby registry will be active when you want it to be.

However, there are a bunch of awesome free baby samples that can easily be claimed on most days (though, they are, of course, subject to change too). So, we’ve put together a collection of the best free baby stuff that you can find online and soon, you should be rolling in baby freebies if you’re ready to click for your baby!

How To Get Free Baby Stuff And Free Samples For Your Baby

Amazon’s Baby Freebies – The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

OK, firstly, you must be an Amazon Prime Member if you want to qualify for a free Amazon baby box. If you’re not a Prime Member – there’s a one-month free trial offer that you can use to qualify for this offer as long as you haven’t used it in the past.

Amazon's Baby Registry Welcome Box

The next step is to sign up for a registry and then complete around 60% of the items they ask you to do on the checklist. Finally, you must buy $10 of items from that registry list (or get someone else to buy them for you).

If you do, they send you a free baby box which which is packed with free baby samples – they change these samples on a regular basis but they often include 10 or more free samples such as diapers, baby wipes, etc. This free baby box is an awesome deal for expecting moms.

Find the Amazon Baby Registry here.

Buy Buy Baby Samples – The Free Goody Bag

Another super popular way to get free baby stuff is to register with Buy Buy Baby – they give you a free goody bag when you visit a store. And that’s really the only downside of this offer, you must register online and then visit a physical location – so, if you can’t get to one of their stores, easily, you can skip this offer.

You get a lot of free baby stuff in the box though and this can include diapers, coupons, free samples, and much more. They once sent out a “Baby on Board!” sign for your car as part of this offer. It’s really good.

Find Buy Buy Baby Samples online here.

Target’s Baby Welcome Box

This is an amazing baby box that is packed with free baby samples and often includes free diapers as well as a dozen or more additional baby samples.

In addition to free diaper samples, previous versions of the free baby welcome box have included formula samples, a free breast pump, free baby clothes, and much more. It’s a really good source of baby gear.

Target's Baby Registry Welcome Box

If you want this completely for free, you must register online and then visit one of their retail locations. We must level with you though – from experience, their stores are often out of these kits and you may need to make several trips to get one.

So, it can be better to do some shopping on their online store for other things that you need for your household and then get your free baby products shipped for free. You only need to spend $35 to see your free baby boxes sent with the rest of your order.

Visit the Target Baby Registry online here.

Walmart Baby Registry – Free Welcome Box

No surprises, the folks at Walmart also have a free welcome kit for your baby and you will find totally free baby stuff galore in this box. They often include free baby diapers, free formula, free gifts and even free baby shoes in this box but the contents are always subject to change and you can’t guarantee that particular baby items will be in the box.

To claim yours just visit the link below and create a registry. The box is worth up to $40 and you don’t have to pay shipping on it.

Find the Walmart Baby Registry here.

Free Babylist Baby Box

This is an awesome deal with all the free samples that you could want, it might even include free books and breast milk storage bags. However, it isn’t the easiest free sample box to claim.

You must follow all the instructions on their site if you want to find free baby stuff at the end of this internet rainbow. For example, you have to add three things to the registry from their store, three from other stores, spend at least $10 (or have someone do it on your behalf) and verify your address for shipping.

If you do though, all the baby freebies are yours and you will save money and get a great free sample pack.

Find the Babylist Baby Box online here.

Enfamil Free Baby Formula Samples

Enfamil Free Baby Formula Samples

Enfamil Family Beginnings will give you $400 of discount vouchers and free formula to try – just fill in the form below.

Find Enfamil Baby Formula Samples online here.

Pampers Rewards Program

They won’t give you any freebies just for having your baby arrive but you do get freebies as you buy diapers from them and the rewards points don’t have to be spent on baby products which makes this a more flexible program than many others.

Find the Pampers Rewards Program online here.

Huggies Diapers Rewards Program

As with Pampers, there’s no freebie for signing on the dotted line but if you use their diapers – you get reward points which can be used to buy things for the baby!

Find the Huggies Diapers Rewards Program online here.

We’d still recommend that you check back here daily to see what kind of one-off freebies are available for your baby but the list above should get you all the samples you need when your little one arrives.

The best of it is – these are all highly trusted big brand name freebies too, you simply can’t wrong when you sign up for these offers!

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