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How To Score Free Beauty Samples (Today)

How to Score Free Beauty Samples

We love free stuff and free makeup samples are incredibly easy to score, even from the biggest makeup brands, if you know how.

That’s why we put together this guide, we think everyone deserves free makeup samples and we want you to enjoy free makeup and beauty products galore! And this is how you do it.

How To Get Free Stuff, Free Makeup, and Free Samples From Beauty Brands

We’ve got 8 great ways to get your beauty samples and beauty products for free and they are all ethical, legal, and not too time-consuming. So, let’s get you some free samples!

Sign Up For Our Newsletter

We regularly offer free makeup samples on our site but sadly, they’re not here every day and if you want to access free samples from us without constantly returning to the site to check what we’ve got available – it’s easy!

All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter, it’s free and when we have free beauty and makeup samples, you’ll be the first to hear about it! We send out a round-up of our free samples every day to ensure that our readers are always informed and can grab that special free sample before the free products are exhausted.

Ask For Samples From Any Brand You Like

Brands love to offer free samples, in fact, you’re doing them a favor when you receive free samples. They know that their products are expensive and that if they want to build long-term relationships with their customers, they will need to try before they buy.

Beauty Samples

You can write to almost any brand (from MAC to Gucci) and tell them which products you think you’d love and ask for some free samples. You won’t succeed 100% of the time, but you’ll come pretty close and sometimes, they will even throw a free gift into the packages they send.

Join Review Panels Online

There’s probably no easier way of getting freebies than joining a review panel – there are loads of them Toluna and PinchMe are among the most popular and we’ve linked them below.

They don’t just send you regular mini samples either, they send you full-size products but you must provide regular reviews if you want to keep receiving free gifts from them.

These reviews are provided to the clients of the freebie websites, to help them make better marketing decisions in the future.

If you like saving money on cosmetic products, this is the way to do it. Make up and beauty offers rarely get this good or this easy.

Find Toluna and PinchMe online here.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Taking Advantage Of Offline and Online Store Promotions

Department stores and their cosmetic counters are always giving out makeup products for people to try, and no, there’s usually no purchase necessary to qualify for them.

But if you make an online purchase of makeup products from nearly any major website from beauty stores such as Body Shop or L’Oreal, they will usually give you free stuff (including makeup and skincare products) as you check out too.

So, you don’t miss out on free stuff when you choose to do your shopping on the internet, in fact, we probably get more test products like this than any other.

Use Social Media

We don’t just mean follow a Facebook page, we mean join their Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. presences too.

The more you cover the social media ground, the easier it is to save money by getting freebies.

We’ve found that most brands will run a free giveaway at least one a quarter and they’re often very generous – we’ve seen brands send up to 250,000 samples out in a single go! That means whether it’s lip gloss, eye shadow, skin care products, etc. eventually you’ll find them available for free somewhere on social media.

Join All The Reward Programs Going

When you buy makeup on a site or in-store, we’ve found that most companies will ask if you want to join their rewards programs and if you like to get free gifts then this is a really good idea.

Reward Programs

Rewards members tend to be sent birthday presents, a gift or two around holidays, coupons all year round, and more and they don’t pay for any of them.

One thing we like about this is if you order online, you can often get extra reward points too which will get you cheaper beauty products in the future, win-win.

Ulta And Sephora Are Your Friends

There are two absolute behemoths of the cosmetics world and they can’t wait to shower you in new products if you just let them. In fact, you may feel like a product tester if you let these companies start sending you free gear.

Yes, it’s Ulta and Sephora. Ulta is brilliant, just go to their site, ask for a catalog and the freebies will commence. You get more if you join their reward program too.

Sephora offers 3 guaranteed freebies with each purchase, you get free stuff from the reward program and so much more. Simply click the links below to visit these two brands and get started with a beauty gift or two.

Visit Ulta and Sephora online here.

Consider Online Survey Sites

Finally, if you want to be able to choose your cosmetics and you always want the full-sized products then, you might want to consider using survey sites.

These sites allow you to complete surveys in exchange for rewards and they often give cosmetics brands gift cards as part of these programs.

Sure, this option is a bit more work than the others but you do get the best results from it too.

From this website to the brands themselves and many other places online and in-store, there are endless ways to get makeup for free.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to get your samples and enjoy saving money and the chance to test beauty items that you really love.

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Maria Firenze
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