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How To Score Formula Samples (Similac, Enfamil, + More)

How to Score Free Formula Samples

Having a baby is not cheap and baby formula can add quite a bit of cost on top and what happens if you buy the wrong baby formula? Then it has to be exchanged or discarded and something different must be bought.

The good news is, however, that moms can get free baby formula samples from a variety of sources and even, in very needy cases, get free formula throughout the period before weaning your baby onto solids.

How To Get Free Baby Formula Samples

There are many different ways to get free baby formula samples and we’re touching on the most popular and completely ethical options here.

Request Samples From Companies

Perhaps the easiest way to get some free formula samples is to ask the companies that make baby formula for them. Baby formula manufacturers are only too happy to hand out samples in the hope that a bit of free baby stuff now, will lead to a happy customer in the long run.

Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

Enfamil has an official free formula samples program. They will give you free samples worth up to $400 in savings when you just fill in the form with your details at the link below.

This comes as a mixture of free baby formula and coupons for discounts on future purchases. They also have a rewards program for future free formula, as long as you’re buying enough from their range.

Sign up[ for Enfamil’s program here.

Similac Strong Moms Program

Similac’s Strong Moms is another great program for free baby formula and they too offer up to $400 worth of savings between their formula samples and the coupons they supply in the box.

Similac Strong Moms Program

You will definitely save money by signing up at the link below and this welcome box and free gifts included are awesome.

Sign up here.

Other Formula Sample Companies

There are other baby formula companies out there too and they can provide some free infant formula samples for signing up too.

These include: Gerber, Member’s Mark, and Nature’s One.

With this many baby formulas on offer, free samples are guaranteed and who knows if you’re lucky they might throw in a free diaper bag or some other items from your baby registry too.

Ask In Your Doctor’s Office

Hospitals and local doctors are great for free samples too, the companies making formula know that if you receive free baby formula from your medical professional, you’ll be able to trust it and thus they tend to offer free baby formula for this very purpose.

If you’re unlucky and they don’t provide free baby formula samples then you should ask them if they know of places that do. They can also often get you free diapers and baby magazines too.

See If You’re Eligible For WIC

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is a special supplemental nutrition program that offers assistance to mothers with a low income that have young children.

This includes infant formula support – they can usually get you a free sample or two and, perhaps, a long-term free supply of infant formula or a huge discount on it.

However, if you want your baby food in this way, you must demonstrate that you meet all the program’s eligibility requirements.

Coupons And Sales

We love to scour newspapers and websites for coupons and you can often get free stuff by combining different offers in-store. You can get an infant formula advantage by hunting around for deals.

Coupons and Sales

You can also sign up to all the loyalty programs, clubs, etc. for your favorite local stores and pharmacies, this really increases your chances of getting what you need for nothing and you’d be surprised how often promos for formula companies come up.

Baby Registry Sign Up Perks

There are also plenty of baby registry services out there like the Target baby registry, Amazon baby registry, Walmart baby box, and Buy Buy Baby.

Each of them has different sign-up conditions but all of them offer a big free welcome box full of everything from infant nutrition samples to a baby’s formula.

These samples are completely free and tend to come from big brand names so you can be certain that you can trust what’s in them.

Check For Local Giveaways

Many people who have had children recently understand how hard it can be to get free baby formula when you really need it and thus, if they have some left over, they may give it away or sell it for a very reduced price.

We find that sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and Freecycle can often be a great place to source some formula from.

However, in the interests of your own health and safety – please don’t arrange to meet people anywhere but in public and if you find that you’re dealing with a re-seller walk away, often the products are not entirely trustworthy in this instance.

Always inspect the packaging of free products carefully and ensure they haven’t been tampered with – it’s unlikely, mind you, but better to be safe than sorry, right?

Check Your Local Food Banks

If you need formula today and nothing above has worked and your baby may go hungry without immediate assistance – we can strongly recommend contacting your local food banks.

These services are very helpful, totally discrete and they don’t just help with feeding families, they also help feed babies.

You can find nearly all of America’s food banks at the link below. Just enter your Zip Code or State to refine your search.

Find a local foodbank near you here.

We said it at the start, babies are expensive and it really can be helpful to get some freebies to help you as a family take your first steps together.

All of the ideas above are safe and reputable ways to get some free formula samples without endangering your baby by taking risks. We hope that your child enjoys them and that they lead a long and healthy life.

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