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How To Score Free Perfume Samples (Today)

How to Score Free Perfume

We all want to smell good, particularly if we’re on a date or in the office but perfume can be expensive, and buying the wrong perfume can be worse than buying none at all.

The good news is that it’s super easy to get free perfume samples by mail and in-person and that means you can always find a scent or two to try before you buy and thus, be sure that you’re going to smell great. This is what you need to know about the art of getting scent samples.

How To Get Free Fragrance Samples

We’ve got 10 great ways for you to find free perfume samples and enjoy smelling great without resorting to shoplifting.

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Every day we feature exclusive deals and this includes free perfume samples from time to time. These offers are always up to date and as long as you’re quick, they always produce a free perfume sample.

However, these free perfume samples aren’t available every day and the easiest way to be notified when they are is to sign up for our newsletter.

Then we’ll send you a free reminder of when you can find free samples on our website. Getting free samples of fragrances doesn’t get much easier than that, right?


PinchMe is a feedback service that can provide free perfume samples and free samples of other beauty products too. There are no shipping fees and no need to register a credit card or debit card on the site – you must, however, if you want to keep getting free samples, leave regular feedback after you receive free samples from them.


That’s not a big deal in our book. PinchMe gives you free stuff from some of the biggest brands out there and you won’t find as many free fragrance samples anywhere online without becoming a perfume blogger, at least!

Visit PINCHme online here.

Join The Beauty Product Testing Panels

These panels function in a similar way to PinchMe, they send you free perfume samples by mail and then you review the fragrance samples for them and provide feedback. This allows brands to tailor their products better to their audience in the future.

They tend to send out more than just free fragrance samples too and you might be lucky enough to get involved in other areas of market research too including makeup, skincare, etc.

We’ve linked to the L’Oreal and Allure panels below but if you hunt around online, you should be able to find plenty more panels seeking audience insights and willing to pay in free scent samples.

Join the L’Oreal and Allure product testing panels here.

Order From Sephora, Body Shop, Lancome Or L’Oreal

OK, this isn’t technically speaking “free” but you do get free perfume samples out of this technique. Companies like Sephora, Body Shop, Lancome and L’Oreal love to send out free perfume samples whenever you buy anything from them.

In the case of Sephora, this is a formal program and you can add three free samples of relevant products whenever you place an order. We also find that if you join their Beauty Insider program then you will get other free samples throughout the year and this may include perfume samples too.

You can order from Sephora, Body Shop, Lancome or L’Oreal online here.

Ask Ulta To Send You A Catalog

Ulta Beauty

We have found, from experience, that if you sign up for an account at Ulta and then ask them to send your a catalog, they will send you a bunch of free perfume samples every month!

You can also ask for more scent samples and free samples of other products every time that you buy from them. Easy, right?

Visit Ulta online here.

Sign Up For Beauty Newsletters From Brands, Stores, etc.

We’re not the only ones with a newsletter, you can easily get a free sample from big perfume brands if you sign up for their newsletters.

This free sample usually coincides with a new product launch and these take place all year round. They won’t have a specific we “offer free samples” heading on their sites but this trick works really well.

Companies that do this include: Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren.

Visit The Official Websites Of Particular Brands

If you’re looking for a free sample then one of the easiest ways to find a perfume sample is to visit the websites of your favorite perfume brands.

These companies often offer free perfume samples during product launches and all you have to do is fill in a form to get your own samples.

If you did this today, you would get several free perfume samples, easily.

Companies to check include Armani, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, etc.

Ask For Free Perfume Samples

Perfume Sample

While it’s easy to get samples of new perfumes, you can find that you can get samples of older perfumes too, just write to your favorite brand and ask them for one. In our experience, most brands are happy to offer samples and even a free catalog when asked.

Check Out Brands Social Media

Get on social media and search out hashtags like #freesample, #freefragrance, or #freeperfume, you’ll soon find the free sample section of Facebook or Instagram and land all the latest free stuff.

Visit Department Stores (or Walmart)

Local department stores and their perfume counters are a great source of free sample offers, just wander in and ask for a fragrance sample or two.

Walmart runs an entire sampling program with sampling events on a regular basis. Sign up on their website and you’ll get even more free samples than you’d bargained for!

Visit Walmart online here.

Final Thoughts On Free Samples Of Perfume

You don’t have to spend money to try a new fragrance, it’s easy to get free samples from your favorite department store or favorite brands just by following our tips above.

As many people now shop online, brands invest heavily in sampling as it’s no longer as easy as it once was to put a test card in people’s hands. You can enjoy the privileges this brings and receive samples whenever you want them!

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